R.M.T. Guitars

Do you want a high-quality and very atypical guitar or bass guitar? You can try some R.M.T. instrument.

The manufacturer of these instruments has large experience and knowledge in guitar making. He is guitar player himself so he knows what other guitar players or musicians need. His instruments are fully handmade exactly in accordance to requirements of a customer.

All these instruments are made from matured and well-dried wood of different kinds (mahogany, whitewood, basswood, ash, oak, etc.). Surface dressing is done by mordanting, waxing or varnishing. Used pickups and mechanicals parts are high quality only and from renowned producers (Seymour Duncan, Gibson Burstbucker, Fender, Godin, Gotoh, Ibanez etc.).

Unfortunately this manufacturer does not have his own web pages yet but they will be available soon. Until that time, you can communicate with him via following e-mail: roman.medved@seznam.cz

Here are some examples of instruments made earlier. You can see that R.M.T. manufacturer is able to make any design of a guitar.