Warranty Conditions

Our products are very thoroughly tested under working conditions prior to despatching to customer. Due this, an almost zero failure rate is achieved and we can provide warranty for a period of thirty month from date of purchase. Unfortunately, most of complaints about an equipment malfunction is caused by a misunderstanding of the equipment function or its connection. So if you suspect that a products is faulty, contact our technical support first. It will try to help you find what the problem is.

If our technical department decides that the equipment needs to be returned, the return of the product to us is at your responsibility and at your cost. You should send the product well protected to minimise the risk of damage in transit. For more expensive items, it may be worthwhile considering insuring the goods in transit also. On receipt, we will test the equipment, and if found to be faulty we will repair or replace it at our discretion and return it to you at our cost.

If the complaint is unjustified (the equipment is not defective and the fault is with you / on your side), return of the equipment to you will be chargeable!

Within the warranty period there will be removed all defects on the equipment and its accessories free of charge, which were caused by using the defective material or faulty assembly during the production.

The customer applies the warranty repair with the distributor if the goods was not purchased directly from us.

Warranty period is to be extended for the time period, in which the product was under the warranty repair.

The relevant legal provisions take an effect for cancellation of the contract of purchase.

The customer will lose the right for free of charge warranty repair if the defects on the product have been caused by:

  • unavoidable matter (calamity of elemental nature),
  • connection to the incorrect supply voltage,
  • overloading of inputs or outputs by connecting the source of signal or the load with uncorresponding properties respectively, etc.,
  • faulty equipment operation, which is in dispute with the instructions stated in the operation manual,
  • mechanical damage during the transportation or when using equipment due to a fault of the customer,
  • unprofessional action on the equipment or by its modification without the consent from the manufacturer.