DMX-512 Bus Monitor

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DMX-512 Bus Monitor is tool for monitoring of data stream in any DMX-512 system. Is shows values of individual DMX channels as well as value of Start Code. Also absence of a DMX channel or total communication failure are indicated.

Pictures below show Schematics diagram and PCB appearance. The circuit is as simple as possible: All activities controls microcomputer IC1. Input signal from DMX-512 bus is processed by RS-485 driver (IC2). Data on the bus are indicated by 3-position display (VD1, VD2, VD3) and LED (D1). The monitor functions are controlled by two tactile switches (SW1) and (SW2).

Complete manufacturing documentation (records for PCB manufacturing, software for IC1, images, etc.) and manual how to use the monitor are available in Dowload section.


Schematics diagram:


PCB / Components:


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Documentation, Manual PDF document
Source Files Archive ZIP archive with records for PCB manufacturing and program code