Application Notes


MIDI Communication Tips |

MIDI (Musical Instruments Digital Interface) is standard of communication between electronic musical instruments and other devices used by musicians. MIDI standard has existed for almost 40 years but it is still actual and widely used.


DIN-SYNC Synchronization Bus |

DIN-Sync bus enables to synchronize the older analog instruments and devices. The standard of Roland company was used by any other companies, so it is possible to interconnect many analog drum-machines, basses, microcomposers etc. today. The basic information of DIN-Sync bus are here.


Digital Communication Bus (DCB) of Roland |

Roland Jupiter-8 and Juno-60 analog synths were provided with the ability of controlling by DCB (Digital Communication Bus) – MIDI predecessor. The basic information about DCB are here. They can be useful for owners of the mentioned synths.


DMX-512 Standard for Stage Lights |

Standard of communication bus for dimmers and other stage devices control. Here is revision of this standard from USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology Inc.) Engineering Commission published in April 1990 and brief guide how to use it.