KM500-KBD: Korg M500 MIDI interface


KM500-KBD is MIDI kit for Korg M500 Micro-Preset synthesizer. It controls instrument’s VCOs (keyboard) and GATE circuits. Atypical arpeggiator is embedded.

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Main Features | Installation | Documents & SW Support | FAQ & Troubleshooting

Main Features |

  • The interface works in one direction only – it only receives MIDI data. Instrument’s keyboard, knobs, sliders and switches are not transmitted as a MIDI data.
  • MIDI Thru function (no MIDI Thru-box is necessary).
  • Controls the KORG’s keyboard (CV for VCOs) from MIDI. The instrument’s tone parameters (control elements on panel) are not MIDI controllable.
  • The instrument’s keyboard (VCOs) is controlled only manually or only by MIDI Notes – not both ways simultaneously.
  • Easy user control of the interface parameters via MIDI CCs (as well as SysEx for experts):
    » 44 MIDI Notes (3 2/3 octaves) range
    » Transpose function (over whole range of MIDI Notes)
    » Embedded arpeggiator (Up, Down and two Up-Down modes, all modes syncable by MIDI or internal clock)
    » User defineable size of received MIDI Notes buffer (useful for arpeggiator)
    » Pitch bend (up to +/- 1 Octave)
    » Aftertouch (VCOs pitch modulation up to ± 4 semitones)
    » Hold pedal – CC #64 (works with MIDI Notes buffer)
    » Legato pedal – CC #68 (tone change without envelope re-trigger)
    » Local On/Off function – CC #122 (turns the interface on/off)
    » User defineable optical indication of the interface status
    » User selectable MIDI Channel for communication
  • 128 internal memory presets to store the interface user settings (the instrument’s tone parameters cannot be stored).
  • Original features of the instrument are not changed and the instrument can be used the same way as before the interface installation.
  • Very easy installation without the instrument circuits modification.

The interface recognizes MIDI commands:

  • Note On/Off
  • Channel Aftertouch
  • Program Change
  • Pitch Bend
  • Standard CCs (Hold, Legato, ASO, ANO, RAC, Local Off/On)
  • Own CCs (# 16-23, 119)
  • Common MIDI Synchronization – MIDI Clock
  • Common System Reset
  • System Exclusive Messages

Installation |

Installation of all MIDI interface parts into the instrument is very easy and no problem should occur if all instructions indicated in the installation manual are kept. Please note that a complete beginner should not carry out the installation. At least basic manual dexterity and knowledge of soldering are required.

It is recommended to adjust the Korg instrument according to instructions in service manual of the instrument before the interface installation. This ensures trouble-free adaptation and usage of the interface.

The KM500-KBD MIDI kit package contains all necessary parts (board, cables, coupling elements, etc.) incl. owner’s and installation manuals in printed form.

Block diagram:


Documents & SW Support |

See list of documents and support software available for download.

Note that Owner’s Manual and Installation Manual in printed form are included in the product delivery.

FAQ & Troubleshooting |

Problem: Solution:

The portamento on the instrument’s own keyboard works fine but when the instrument is controlled from a MIDI keyboard, the portamento doesn’t work.

The interface generates new TRIGGER pulse everytime a new MIDI Note is received. If you want only to change CV for oscillator without a triggering (so that the portamento can work), you have first to send CC #68 (i.e. standard CC named Legato) with any value from 64 to 128 (i.e. “on”) to the interface.

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