MDCB-2v2: Roland Juno-60 MIDI Interface


MDCB-2v2 is external MIDI interface for Roland Juno-60 synthesizer. It controls keyboard (bi-directionally), VCF, Hold, Clock and Patch Shift circuits of the Juno-60.

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Main Features |

  • The interface works in both directions with instrument’s keyboard (receives and sends MIDI Notes). All other control commands are received only.
  • Instrument knobs, sliders, buttons and switches are not transmitted as a MIDI data.
  • MIDI Thru function (no MIDI Thru-box is necessary).
  • Controls the Roland’s DCOs, VCF, Hold, Arpeggiator Clock and Patch Shift circuits directly from MIDI. The instrument’s tone parameters (control elements on panel) are not MIDI controllable.
  • The instrument’s keyboard is controlled manually and by MIDI Note On/Off commands simultaneously (in parallel manner).
  • Chord mode is embedded for DCOs driven by MIDI Notes.
  • Additional LFO for VCF control (64 predefined waveforms + 26 groove shapes).
  • Easy user control of the interface parameters via MIDI CCs (as well as SysEx for experts):
    » 61 MIDI Notes (5 octaves) range, Velocity sensitive (VCF control)
    » Transpose function (over whole range of MIDI Notes)
    » Hold pedal – CC #64 (works with MIDI Notes)
    » The instrument’s DCOs can be detuned by MIDI Pitch Bend (in semitone steps only) in range 0 to ±12 semitones
    » Modulation – CC #1 (for additional LFO)
    » Key + Channel Aftertouch (used for instrument’s VCF modulation, adjustable range)
    » User defineable optical indication of the MIDI data
    » User selectable MIDI Channel for communication
  • 64 internal memory presets to store the interface user settings (the instrument’s tone parameters cannot be stored).
  • Original features of the instrument are not changed and the instrument can be used the same way as without the interface (“Off” working mode).
  • The device delivery contains necessary special DCB cable.
  • The device is powered from external power supply adapter – it is not included in the delivery.

The interface recognizes MIDI commands:

  • Note On/Off (inc. Velocity)
  • Key Aftertouch
  • Channel Aftertouch
  • Program Change
  • Pitch Bend
  • Standard CCs (Modulation, Hold, ASO, ANO, RAC)
  • Own CCs (# 70-95, 110-119)
  • Common MIDI Synchronization (Clock)
  • Common System Reset
  • System Exclusive Messages

Demo |

“Groove” waveforms of internal LFO (sine shape of DCO):


Usage |

MDCB-2v2 is external stand-alone device. It does not need any installation.

Use special DCB cable (part of delivery) and standard Jack-Jack / MIDI cables for interconnection.



Block diagram:


Documents & SW Support |

See list of documents and support software available for download.

Note that Owner’s Manual in printed form is included in the product delivery.

If you are a beginner in DCB, see basic info about DCB communication.

FAQ & Troubleshooting |

Problem: Solution:

What power supply adapter can I use?

PSU with these properties can be used:
» Output DC voltage in range from 12 to 15 Volts. It doesn’t matter if output voltage of the PSU is stabilized or not. Both PSU types can be used.
» Output current 250 mA at least. Of course, the PSU ability to supply higher current is no problem – such adapter can be used too.
» Barrel type output connector, diameter 5,5 / 2,1 mm, positive pole on inner pin. Note that reverse polarity doesn’t damage the device – protection circuit is inside the device.
It means that most of universal PSU can be used. No special adapter is necessary.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 105 × 140 × 35 mm




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