MXC-200 : MIDI to DMX-512 Converter


MXC-200 converter enables to control DMX-512 stage lights via MIDI bus. This allows to control lights from e.g. built-in sequencers of electronic keyboard instruments (the controlled lights are fully synchronized with played song then) or manually directly from the keyboard instruments without the need of special DMX-512 compatible control panel. The converter is designed to control any DMX devices.


  • The converter allows to control of up to 200 outputs - DMX channels
  • Each of output has independently adjustable parameters.
  • Possible MIDI commands for the lighting apparatus control are Note On/Off, Key Aftertouch, CC (Control Changes) or NRPN (Non Registered Parameters).
  • MIDI channel for MIDI communication is user selectable.
  • An external switches (e.g. Foot Switches) can be connected for control of functions of the converter.
  • All converter's activities are indicated on LCD during normal operation as well as during programming.
  • All converter's activities are controlled by a user-programmable parameters that are stored in internal device's memory. All parameters are programmable manually from the device's panel so no special programming MIDI SysEx message are necessary.
  • Dimensions - 140 mm (width) x 35 mm (height) x 105 mm (depth).
  • Device is powered from external supply adapter - it is not included in the delivery.

 For each of controlled DMX channels, it is possible to set independently:

  • Default Value - default values of DMX channel after the converter reset
  • Conversion Curve - conversion between MIDI input and DMX output data (26 predefined curves)
  • Preheat - minimal value transmitted into DMX channel
  • Limit - limitation of maximal value transmitted into DMX channel
  • Accept Master - "Master" controller enabled / disabled for DMX channel control
  • Accept Blackout - "Blackout" function enabled / disabled for DMX channel control

 The device recognizes standard MIDI commands:

  • Note Off / On incl. Velocity (in Note and Note+Aftertouch modes only)
  • Key Aftertouch (in Note+Aftertouch mode only)
  • Standard Control Changes (ASO, ANO, RAC)
  • Own Control Changes (CCs) defineable by user (in CC mode only)
  • Non Registered Parameters (NRPNs) defineable by user (in NRPN mode only)
  • Reset Common system command
  • System Exclusive messages

Panels of MXC-200:
  1. Display
  2. SYSTEM button for system parameters editation
  3. OUTPUT button for parameters of DMX output editation
  4. ENTER button
  5. INC / ON button for data change
  6. PREVIOUS button for parameter selection
  7. NEXT button for parameter selection
  8. EXIT/RESET button
  9. DEC / OFF button for data change
  10. MIDI-THRU/OUT output
  11. MIDI-IN input
  12. Socket for external switches
  13. DMX-512 output
  14. Socket for external supply adapter


USAGE ^^^^^

Example of connection to MIDI and DMX systems:



User manual PDF 1017 kB - PDF Document
MIDI System Exclusive communication PDF 323 kB - PDF Document
DMX-512 Specification (USITT) PDF 93 kB - PDF Document
SysEx Msg generators ZIP 115 kB - Java script based support software - archive
Usage of SysEx Msg generators PDF 545 kB - PDF Document
SysEx Checksum Calculator URL --- - Link to support software
Demo - Display control ZIP 1 kB - Demonstration MIDI file for LCD control - archive




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