SH2-M / SH09-M: Roland SH-2 / SH-09 MIDI Interface

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The SH2/9-M retrofit enables your Roland SH-2 or SH-09 synthesizer to be integrated into MIDI system. With its help, many circuits of the instrument can be controlled wia MIDI. Original features of Roland SH-2 or SH-09 instrument are not changed and it can be used the same way as before the interface installation.


  • The instrument's keyboard is controlled by MIDI Note On/Off commands including Velocity (can be used for VCF and VCA).
  • The keyboard can be transposed in whole range of MIDI notes 0~127.
  • Next LFO for VCO modulation is added.
  • The interface recognizes Chnl Aftertouch MIDI command (can be used for VCO, VCF and VCA).
  • Possibility of direct control of VCF and VCA via MIDI CC.
  • Instrument's BENDER can be controlled via Pitch Bend MIDI command.
  • Possibility of full control via MIDI CC and System Exclusive communication (changes of presets, changes of paramers values and their storing ino memory etc.).
  • Any receiving MIDI channel can be selected.
  • Optical indication of interface's status defineable by user.
  • 24+1 user's memory banks for setting of the interface parameters.
  • The interface has MIDI output with "Thru" function too.
  • The product is covered by thirty months warranty - more info

Global system parameters programmable by user (can be stored in internal memory):

  • MIDI Channel (1 to 16)
  • ENV Break Pulse Duration (1 to 30 ms)

Preset's parameters programmable by user (can be set via MIDI Control Changes, up to 24 settings can be stored in internal memory):

  • VCO Pitch - Key Shift / Transpose (0 to +79 semitones)
  • VCO Pitch - Aftertouch Bend (0 to +-4 semitones)
  • VCO Mod - Wave (Square / Triangle / Saw-Fall / Saw-Rise)
  • VCO Mod - Polarity (Center-1 / Center-2 / Up / Down)
  • VCO Mod - Rate (0,1 to 10 Hz)
  • VCO Mod - Modulation Wheel Amount (0 to +-4 semitones)
  • VCO Mod - Aftertouch Amount (0 to +-4 semitones)
  • VCO Mod - Retrig (Off / On / Legato)
  • VCF Cutoff - Frequency (0 to 100%)
  • VCF Cutoff - Keyfollow (0 to +-25%)
  • VCF Cutoff - Velocity Amount (0 to 50%)
  • VCF Cutoff - Aftertouch Amount (0 to 25%)
  • VCA Level - Keyfollow (0 to +-25%)
  • VCA Level - Velocity Amount (0 to 50%)
  • VCA Level - Aftertouch Amount (0 to 25%)
  • VCA Level - Volume Mode (Off / CC7 / CC11 / CC7+CC11)
  • CONTROL - Bender Mode (MIDI / Instrument)
  • CONTROL - Indicator Mode (Off / Gate / MIDI Msg / Mod Rate)

Interface recognizes standard MIDI commands:

  • "Note On/Off" (inc Velocity)
  • "Channel Aftertouch"
  • "Program Change"
  • "Pitch Wheel"
  • "Control Changes" (Volume, Expression, Hold, Legato, ASO, RAC, ANO and others)
  • "System Reset"

Block diagram:



Versions of SH2/9-M MIDI interface are little bit different for instruments Roland SH-2 and SH-09.
In an order, it is necessary to specify for what instrument (SH-2 or SH-09) the interface is required.

Labels with instrument's model:



Installation of all MIDI interface's parts into Roland SH-2 or SH-09 instrument is very easy. No problem should occur if all instructions indicated in installation manual are kept.

SH2/9-M kit package contains:

  1. MIDI Interface board including self-adhesive supports
  2. 2x MIDI socket with cable
  3. 4-core bunched cable with switch and LED
  4. Connecting 4-core bunched cable with connector
  5. Connecting 10-core bunched cable with connector
  6. Coupling elements (screws, nuts, washers etc.)
  7. CD-ROM with user and installation manuals and support software

Installation into SH-2 instrument:

Installation into SH-09 instrument:


DEMO ^^^^^

Examples of interface's functions usage (MP3):

Echo Bass MP3 382 kB - Usage of internal interface's LFO for imitation of echo effect (instrument's VCO and VCF controlled)
Dynamic Bass MP3 257 kB - Usage of Velocity and Chnl Aftertouch for dynamics affecting (instrument's VCF and VCA controlled)



Installation manual PDF 4021 kB    
User manual PDF 571 kB    
System Exclusive communication PDF 233 kB    
SysEx Messages generator ZIP 52 kB - Java script based software for the device programming
Usage of SysEx Messages generator PDF 394 kB    



Problem: Solution:
After installation, the device doesn't receive MIDI data at all but indication LED lights. Did you remove jumper from the interface board after adjustment? If not, the interface stays in testing mode and doesn't accept MIDI commands!




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