MXC-56 : MIDI to DMX-512 Converter


MXC-56 converter enables to control DMX-512 stage lights via MIDI bus. It can control any DMX devices (dimmers, moving lights, stroboscopes, fogg machines etc.). With help of this converter, DMX devices can be controlled from MIDI sequencers. Then controlled lights are fully synchronized with replayed song. Of course, manual control is possible too (with help of MIDI master keyboards or control surfaces). No special DMX-512 controller is needed in that case.

  • The converter enables to control up to 56 outputs (DMX channels) with help of MIDI commands. For each of controlled DMX channels it is possible to set independently:
    • Default Value - default value of DMX channel after the converter reset
    • Conversion Curve - conversion between MIDI input and DMX output data (24 predefined curves)
    • Preheat - minimal value transmitted into DMX channel
    • Limit - limitation of maximal value transmitted into DMX channel
    • Accept Master - "Master" controller enabled / disabled for DMX channel control
    • Accept Blackout - "Blackout" function enabled / disabled for DMX channel control
  • Global parameters can be set by user too:
    • DMX Shift - selection of used DMX channels
    • MIDI Channel - MIDI channel for MIDI communication
    • MIDI Mode - selection of used MIDI commands (Note + Key Aftertouch or Control Changes)
    • MIDI Shift - MIDI Note/CC Shift
    • MIDI Master Controller - MIDI CC Nr. used as "Master" controller
    • MIDI Blackout Controller - MIDI CC Nr. used as controller for "Blackout" function
    • LCD Contrast - setting of LCD contrast
  • The device recognizes standard MIDI commands:
    • Note On/Off inc Velocity (in Note mode only)
    • Key Aftertouch (in Note mode only)
    • Standard Control Changes (ASO, ANO, RAC)
    • Own Control Changes defineable by user (in Controller mode only)
    • Common system command Reset
  • MIDI output works as "MIDI-Thru" simultaneously.
  • It is possible to connect two external switches for control of special functions "Master Full" and "Blackout".
  • All settings are stored in internal memory. The memory is protected against unwanted rewriting of user data.
  • Utilities for user data backup in sequencer are included.
  • Working status is indicated on LCD display.
  • Dimensions - 140 mm (width) x 35 mm (height) x 105 mm (depth).
  • Device is powered by external supply adapter (recommended adapter - MW-0903GS).

Panels of MXC-56:
  1. Display
  2. SYSTEM button for system parameters editation
  3. OUTPUT button for parameters of DMX output editation
  4. ENTER button
  5. INC / ON button for data change
  6. PREVIOUS button for parameter selection
  7. NEXT button for parameter selection
  8. EXIT/RESET button
  9. DEC / OFF button for data change
  10. MIDI-THRU/OUT output
  11. MIDI-IN input
  12. Socket for external switches
  13. DMX-512 output
  14. Socket for external supply adapter


USAGE ^^^^^

Example of connection to MIDI and DMX systems:



User manual PDF 702 kB
MIDI System Exclusive communication PDF 256 kB
SysEx Msg generators ZIP 115 kB
Usage of SysEx Msg generators PDF 487 kB
Demonstration MIDI file - display control ZIP 2 kB
Application - DMX-512 Specification PDF 93 kB




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