SH101-M is a MIDI retrofit for Roland SH-101 synthesizer. The device enables the instrument to be controlled via MIDI as a MIDI expander. The interface works in one direction only - it receives MIDI data and converts them to analogue control signals for the SH-101. The SH-101's keyboard, control panel sliders and switches are not transmitted as a MIDI data!
Original features of Roland SH-101 instrument are not changed and it can be used the same way as before the interface installation.
The interface controls BENDER, LFO, VCO, VCF, VCA and CLOCK circuits of the SH-101. All functions of the interface can be simply controlled via MIDI CCs.

Functional block diagram on picture below shows the connection of the interface to the original circuits of the instrument:
[1 and 2] When the interface controls keyboard of the instrument, own instrument's keyboard (CV and GATE generators) is disconnected and it is substituted with own software generators of the interface. External CV and GATE outputs and inputs remain fully functional as on non-retrofitted instrument and can be still used.
[3] LFO MOD lever controller on the instrument's panel is controlled by the interface in parallel manner.
[4] BENDER lever controller on the instrument's panel can be disconnected and replaced by the interface DAC.
[5] A voltage regulator is inserted between VCF-FREQ potentiometer of the instrument and VCF control circuits to allow VCF frequency control.
[6] Another voltage regulator is inserted between VCA driving and the VCA to allow control of the VCA output level.
[7] Internal instrument's clock generator can be replaced with the software generator of the interface. Input for external clock (EXT-CLK-IN) remains fully functional as on non-retrofitted instrument and can be still used.

Block diagram:



  • The instrument's keyboard is controlled by MIDI Note On/Off commands including Velocity (can be used for VCF and VCA control).
  • The keyboard range is 5 octaves, it can be transposed in whole range of MIDI notes 0~127.
  • Chnl Aftertouch MIDI command is be used for instrument's VCO, VCF and VCA modulation.
  • Instrument's LFO-MOD switch can be controlled via Modulation (CC1) MIDI command.
  • Instrument's BENDER can be controlled via Pitch Bend (Wheel) MIDI command.
  • Possibility of direct control of instrument's VCF and VCA via MIDI Control Changes (CCs).
  • Instrument's sequencer and arpeggiator can be snchronized with MIDI Clock.
  • The interface has MIDI output with "Thru" function too. It enables connection of another MIDI device in chain.
  • Optical indication of interface's status defineable by user.
  • All parameters of the interface are programmable by user. There is 32+1 memory banks for user settings.
  • The product is covered by thirty months warranty - more info

The interface recognizes standard MIDI commands:

  • Note On/Off
  • Channel Aftertouch
  • Program Change
  • Pitch Bend (Wheel)
  • Standard Control Changes (Modulation, Volume, Expression, Hold, ASO, RAC, Local Off/On, ANO)
  • Own Control Changes (Nr. 40 - 53 and 119)
  • Common MIDI Synchronization (Clock, Start, Continue)
  • Common System Reset
  • System Exclusive Messages



Installation of all MIDI interface's parts into Roland SH-101 instrument is easy. No problem should occur if all instructions indicated in installation manual are kept.

It is recommended to adjust the SH-101 instrument according to instructions in service manual of the SH-101 before the interface installation. This ensures trouble-free adaptation and usage of the interface.

SH101-M kit package contains:

  1. MIDI Interface board
  2. Flat 20-core cable with connector
  3. Bunched cables with button and bi-color LED
  4. 2x DIN-5 socket with cable
  5. Coupling elements (supports, screws, nuts, washers, LED holder, tightening strips, etc.)
  6. Owner's and Installation manuals in printed form

Installation into the instrument:



Document / SW Download Description
Installation Manual (Rev. 2) PDF document
Installation - Instrument's Boards PDF document - pictures of instrument's boards
Owner's Manual (Rev. 2) PDF document
MIDI System Exclusive Communication (Rev. 2) PDF document
SysEx Messages Generator (SW) ZIP archive with Java script based software for the device programming
Recommended MIDI Software Link to recommended MIDI software for SysEx Messages Generator




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