MDCB-2 : MIDI / Juno-60 Interface


Signal from MIDI bus coming to input MIDI-IN is isolated by optocoupler and brought to CPU. CPU picks data for MDCB-2, converts these data according to parameters settings and final output data is sent to output connectors as the signals for Juno-60 control:

  • commands "Note On / Off - Note No." are converted to data for DCB input of Juno-60
  • commands "Note On - Velocity", "Key Aftertouch", "Channel Aftertouch", "Control Changes - No. 1" are converted (by DA converter) to control voltage (CV) for VCF CONTROL input of Juno-60
  • command "Control Changes - No. 64" is converted to gate-signal for PEDAL HOLD input of Juno-60
  • command "Program Change" is converted to trigger pulse for PATCH SHIFT input of Juno-60
  • command "MIDI Clock" is used to creating of clock pulses for ARPEGGIO CLOCK input of Juno-60
In the opposite communication direction, data from input connector lines of DCB IN/OUT are processed by CPU and sent in MIDI format to output MIDI-OUT. MIDI-OUT output is at the same time being used for SysEx communication of MDCB-2 and host system.

Block diagram

Typical using


Samples of waveforms of internal LFO :

Saw-Fall MP3 111 kB
Triangle 25% MP3 115 kB
Triangle 50% MP3 115 kB
Triangle 75% MP3 115 kB
Saw-Rise MP3 115 kB
Square 25% MP3 115 kB
Square 50% MP3 115 kB
Square 75% MP3 115 kB
Pulse MP3 115 kB
Exp MP3 115 kB
Log MP3 111 kB
Sine MP3 115 kB
Double Sine MP3 115 kB



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