CRX8-M: Roland CR-68 / CR-78 MIDI Interface

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The CRX8-M retrofit enables your Roland CR-68 or CR-78 drum machine to be integrated into MIDI system. With its help, circuits of the instrument can be controlled wia MIDI. All original functions of Roland CR-68 / CR-78 instrument stay unchanged.

The interface can work in one of these three working modes:
- The interface is switched off, the CR-68 / CR-78 instrument works the same way as before the interface installation
- Internal instrument's tempo generator is switched off.
- Tempo of instrument's sequencer is synchronized with MIDI clock.
- Run of the sequencer can be controlled with Start/Continue/Stop MIDI commands and with Start/Stop button on instrument's panel simultaneously.
- Tempo of the sequencer can be doubled
- Internal instrument's sequencer is switched off.
- Instrument's sound generators are launched by MIDI notes (Note-On).
- Dynamics of sound generators is driven by Velocity of MIDI Note-On commands.
- User programmable map of drum instruments including dynamics of particular instruments.
- Possibility of volume control with MIDI Control Changes (CC7 a CC11).

Number of MIDI channel for communication with host system is programmable by user.

Parameters for control of the interface in working modes Clock and Note can be set with help of MIDI Control Changes:
- CC16: Velocity Priority
- CC17: Velocity Curve
- CC18: Noise Gate Delay
- CC19: Guiro Short Duration (only for CR-78)
- CC20: Guiro Long Duration (only for CR-78)
- CC21: Volume Control Mode
- CC22: MIDI Tempo Multiplier
Chosen values then can be stored to memory with help of CC119.

The interface also recognizes standard MIDI Control Changes Volume (CC7) and Expression (CC11).

The product is covered by thirty months warranty - more info

Function of the interface:



Design of CRX8-M interface is the same for both CR-68 and CR-78 instruments but installation procedures are in some respect different. The installation is a little more complicated but no problem should occur if all instructions indicated in installation manual are kept.

Delivery of the interface contents all components necessary for installation into the instrument (interface board, bunched cables, coupling elements etc.):

Installation in CR-68 instrument:

Alternative installation in CR-78 instrument:


DEMO ^^^^^

Example of CR-78's sound - the interface works in "Note" mode (MP3):

Demo MP3 397 kB



Installation manual for CR-68 PDF 1835 kB
Installation manual for CR-78 PDF 1864 kB
User manual PDF 725 kB
System Exclusive communication PDF 369 kB
System Exclusive Messages generator (SW support) URL ---




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