RS505-KBD: Roland RS-505 MIDI Interface


The RS505-KBD retrofit enables your Roland RS-505 Paraphonic synthesizer to be integrated into MIDI system. With its help, keyboard and pitch shift functions of the instrument can be controlled via MIDI. Original features of Roland RS-505 instrument are not changed and it can be used the same way as before the interface installation.


  • The instrument's keyboard is controlled by MIDI Note On/Off commands (including bass section).
  • The keyboard can be transposed in whole range of MIDI notes 0~127.
  • The interface recognizes Chnl Aftertouch MIDI command (can be used for Pitch Shift function).
  • Instrument's Pitch Shift function can be controlled via Pitch Bend MIDI command (range is adjustable).
  • Possibility of full control via MIDI CC and System Exclusive communication (changes of presets, changes of paramers values and their storing ino memory etc.).
  • Any receiving MIDI channel can be selected.
  • Optical indication of interface's status defineable by user.
  • 24+1 user's memory banks for setting of the interface parameters.
  • The interface has MIDI output with "Thru" function too.
  • The product is covered by thirty months warranty - more info

Global system parameters programmable by user (can be stored in internal memory):

  • MIDI Channel (1 to 16)
  • Default Preset (1 to 24)
  • Autoreset (On / Off)

Preset's parameters programmable by user (can be set via MIDI Control Changes, up to 24 settings can be stored in internal memory):

  • Key Shift / Transpose (0 to +79 semitones)
  • Chnl Aftertouch Amount (0 to 100% of Pitch Shift function)
  • Pitch Bend Range (0 to 100% of Pitch Shift function)
  • Indicator Mode (Off / Keys On / MIDI Event)

Interface recognizes standard MIDI commands:

  • "Note On/Off"
  • "Channel Aftertouch"
  • "Program Change"
  • "Pitch Wheel"
  • "Control Changes" (Hold, ASO, RAC, ANO and others)
  • "System Reset"

Block diagram:



Installation of all MIDI interface's parts into Roland RS-505 instrument is easy - no modification of original instrument's circuits is necessary. No problem should occur if all instructions indicated in installation manual are kept.

VP330-KBD kit package contains:

  1. MIDI Interface board
  2. Auxiliary bass switches board
  3. 2x Bunched cables with DIN-5 socket
  4. Bunched cables with switch and LED
  5. Power supply bunched cables
  6. 2x Shielded cable with connector (IN, OUT)
  7. Flat control signals cable (50-wire) with two connectors
  8. Flat control signals cable (26-wire) with connector
  9. Accessory (LED holder, self tapping screws, plastic supports, heat-shrink tubes, tightening strips)
  10. Owner's and Installation manuals in printed form

Installed interface:



Installation manual PDF 4377 kB    
User manual PDF 714 kB    
System Exclusive communication PDF 457 kB    
SysEx Messages generator (SW) ZIP 72 kB - Java script based software for the device programming
Usage of SysEx Messages generator PDF 483 kB    




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